The Professional Environmental Management Association (PEMA) named Paola Gomez-Birenbaum, PG, Apex’s Senior Geologist, as director-at-large their Southern California board of directors. In this role, Paola will help the environmental trade association’s directors and committees achieve their goals to​ provide education, interaction, and professional skill development to PEMA’s members and professionals both within and intersecting the environmental industry.

Paola, and her Signal Hill colleague Ben McVeigh (both pictured) attended a recent PEMA-sponsored holiday fundraiser tocollect donations for non-profit organizations such as Toys4Tots. Charities sponsored by PEMA—St. Vincent Meal-on-Wheels and the YMCA Community Services—were presented with checks (totaling $22,500) for proceeds raised by PEMA’s various committees at their annual events.

Apex’s Ben McVeigh stated, “PEMA is an impressive organization and this was a great event. This year’s charitable donations will help deliver meals to the elderly and help the YMCA provide community services. It was an honor to witness the groups’ sincere appreciation and hear how the funds will be used.”

​After the event, representing Apex, Paola attended her first board meeting. Sharing her thoughts, she added, “PEMA has had a long relationship with the St. Vincent Meals-on-Wheels. A St. Vincent nun who had worked with the PEMA board for several years passed away this year and I noticed a few board members were wearing angel pins she had given them during past holiday events. Clearly it is relationship they valued and a cause that is special to them. I enjoyed seeing how passionate they were about the charities they support."

Regarding joining the PEMA board, Paola said she’d been looking to make a contribution in the environmental field with an organization that would positively impact her work at Apex with fellow colleagues, clients, and regulators. "PEMA does a good job of combining the very technical aspect of our industry with the practical side of the work we do. I’m looking forward to building my network and becoming involved with the various seminars and fundraising PEMA has started planning for the new year."

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