Brad ParishIf you ask Brad Parish, P.G., Senior Hydrogeologist with Apex Companies LLC, an award-winning water environmental services firm, what he enjoys most about his work, you’ll likely hear it’s the opportunity to distill his nearly 30 years of experience in groundwater hydraulics and contaminant plume movement into simplified solutions for his clients. He begins, “The best part of my job is that I have the opportunity to assist clients with sound science. Most of our clients are focused on their day-to-day business and they don’t have time to truly understand everything we do. Therefore, we must instill trust in our clients that we have provided the most technically feasible solution to their needs at the most effective long-term cost scenario.” Providing not only tech-based, feasible solutions, but also successful outcomes has been a hallmark of Parish’s work throughout his 19 years with Apex, a valued REGENESIS® and Land Science® client. In his current role, he manages projects involving subsurface characterization, contaminant transport and occurrence, development of site conceptual models, and development of plume remedies. He continues, “Essentially, I enjoy the science of geology and its application to groundwater hydraulics and contaminant plume movement.” Hired initially as a Senior Project Manager in 2002, Parish managed large-scale technical projects, before expanding his role into other related areas. “On many projects,” he says, “I am essentially a technical resource as a Senior Hydrogeologist, and I have also acted as an office manager for Geoscience Groups.”

Prior to joining Apex, Parish held Hydrogeologist positions at several other firms, after earning his BS in Geology from Tarleton State University and Master of Science degree in Geology, from Baylor University in 1992. It was during his master’s program at Baylor that he became interested in a career in hydrogeology. He continues, “At Baylor, I became drawn to the various geomorphic processes and how those processes were affected by subsurface geologic structure and surface lithology. Advanced level courses in hydrogeology really lifted my interest in subsurface fluid dynamics. The next step involved learning geochemistry and how chemicals in groundwater affect or are affected by groundwater flow.” The selection of Baylor for his graduate studies proved invaluable, since at the time, the program provided its own drilling rig. “This afforded me the opportunity to learn well installation, soil and groundwater sampling, and logging techniques while in graduate school- an experience few other programs could match. Overall, my graduate studies really helped solidify my future career path because, in my opinion, understanding subsurface geology and developing an accurate conceptual site model are the most critical in the development of a successful remedy for any site with groundwater contamination.” To stay abreast of trends in his field and new technology, Parish spends 2-4 hours a month in continuing education. In addition, he participates in several ITRC training modules and webinars that focus on enhanced MNA topics, and studies current vapor intrusion trends and the ever-changing regulatory framework.

When it comes to working with Land Science, Parish is most impressed with the company’s involvement on product selection based on an array of project needs and budget parameters. He shares an example, “On a recent project, I asked Land Science to develop a repair sequence for a large vapor barrier and passive venting system that was fairly unique. Not only did they provide recommendations for a proper repair sequence, they actually developed the sequence for inclusion in our design for permitting by the local authority. This solution presented significant savings to our client, and we were able to receive approval for the repairs and keep the project on schedule.” In terms of Land Science product usage, Parish states that Apex mainly uses the company’s various vapor barrier products on pre-construction projects, but have also used Retro-Coat® on projects with indoor air quality issues in existing buildings. He shares, “In comparison with other vapor barrier products, Land Science’s suite of vapor barrier systems are typically a less expensive and more technically feasible product. It is also helpful that Land Science provides a list of certified installers for their products, and my experience with their installers has been very positive.”

When asked about Apex’s future goals, Parish is quick to respond by emphasizing the company’s commitment to innovation and client service. “At Apex, our goal is to consistently team with clients to assist them through their environmental challenges. We also strive to provide feasible strategies and to keep safety at the forefront of our business. We have distinct future growth strategies that we believe enhance our core business offerings. My personal goal is to always listen to a client first; they will always give subtle clues as to how much they understand about what technical scenario or proposal is being provided, along with the financial reserve they have allotted for environmental issues. I always strive to ensure that they understand where their reserve is being spent and the technical reasons why. Only then can we move forward as a team and make strategic decisions that keeps the project on the right path. ”

Residing in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with his wife of 30 years, Parish has developed a keen awareness and fondness for Texas, since nearly all of his project work over the years has been located within the Lone Star state. He also enjoys a variety of hobbies outside of his work responsibilities. He shares, “Fortunately for me and my wife, who is also a geologist, most of our vacations center around some geologic concept or area. We’ve spent a lot of time in the Big Bend and Hill Country areas of Texas, the coastal regions of North Carolina, and the various Rocky Mountain states. Golf is also a favorite hobby for me and my family.” As one might expect from someone who has worked in the same industry for nearly three decades, Parish has observed an array of changes, although as he points out, some aspects of his work haven’t changed much. He continues, “I believe industry services have changed based on culture. Today, there is a lot more focus on Industrial Hygiene and Safety Compliance. For me, I am still looking at grain size analysis of soil cores- just like I did back in the early 1990’s!” And the most demanding part of his job? “Juggling the amount of time available to assist all clients, regardless of the size or budget of the project.” When it comes to encouraging others to join his field of study, he suggests that one should start with the basics. He concludes, “I would challenge every college student to take a Physical Geology freshman class. I was an engineering student as a freshman and decided to take Physical Geology as a science credit…and I’ve been hooked ever since!”

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Those Net-Zero Building Commitments are Adding Up

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The COVID-19 outbreak has many office buildings sitting idly, without employees streaming in every morning and out every afternoon. While lockdowns briefly decreased global carbon emissions about 17 percent, this was mostly due to transportation, flights and commuting grinding to halt. But 36 percent of fossil-fuel carbon emissions come from buildings, and even though most are unoccupied, the lights are still on and the heating or air conditioning is still running.

These metrics show why commercial buildings have become an important focus for the World Green Building Council (WGBC). Its Advancing Net Zero buildings initiative aims to have every building produce net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. That’s every building on the planet.

Right now, there are 1 billion buildings in the world, and that footprint will double by 2060. It is difficult to know how many buildings are operating at net-zero because some buildings are operating at net-zero because of the renewable energy supplied by the grid. WGBC is working on tracking the data to show increased uptake in renewable energy.

As of August 5th, 62 businesses, 28 cities and six states have signed on to be WGBC’s leaders in this initiative by committing to make all their buildings net-zero carbon-emitting by 2030 or sooner. California has signed onto the commitment with 16 million buildings, along with businesses such as design firm Atelier Ten, healthcare real estate investment trust Assura and retail center developer Wereldhave.

Each organization pledging to support the WGBC initiative must commit to a net-zero building goal, disclose annual energy demand and carbon emissions for its portfolio, create a concrete action plan and have a third party perform a verification of the data and the strategy.

WGBC will allow any credible third party, such as LEED, to do the certification so businesses aren’t burdened with having to double up. Another available option is a verification at the portfolio level for cities and businesses. The third parties offer compliance and assurance, using established reporting protocols and standards, to make sure the data is accurate. Some signatories use JLL, a global real estate company that provides these services. Others use environmental services organizations such as Bureau Veritas or Apex Companies, which took over the North American branch Bureau Veritas in the summer of 2019.

By 2030, WGBC is targeting 40 percent less embodied carbon in new buildings, infrastructure and renovations and all new buildings must be net-zero operational carbon.

Building Healthier Environments and Safer Communities

Rockville, MD – Apex Companies, LLC (Apex) and OptiRTC, Inc. (Opti®) have entered into a strategic partnership to provide critical stormwater management services for private and public sector clients across the US. Through this partnership, Apex, an award-winning water resources, environmental services, health & safety, and assurance & compliance company, will install, operate, and maintain Opti’s continuous monitoring and adaptive control (CMAC) field assets.

The combined service suite proactively manages surface water storage infrastructure and conveyance to provide clients and communities improved water quality and reductions in flood risk and combined sewer overflows.

Backed by Opti technology—which uses data collection from Internet of Things (IoT) devices, streaming weather forecasts, and a cloud-based software system that constantly monitors and manages wet weather events—the Apex-Opti partnership provides a highly effective data-driven stormwater management platform with reduced capital costs and improved system reliability.

“The power and sophistication of Opti’s platform with the expertise of Apex’s environmental and field services provides 24x7 reliability to proactively manage stormwater storage and flooding events,” said Rylan Farr, Apex’s Vice President. “This helps our clients and our communities mitigate the dangers and destruction caused by more frequent and severe storm events.”

Opti’s CEO, David Rubinstein, adds, “Expert installation and comprehensive maintenance are critical to our solution’s effectiveness. Apex’s site-specific approach to stormwater functionality, regulatory knowledge, and comprehensive expertise is a true asset to our team. What makes our partnership so effective and impactful is our collective digital mindset. Together, we’re changing the face of stormwater management– moving it from a regulatory necessity to a dynamic and resilient infrastructure that intuitively protects our nation’s most valuable resource.”

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Apex Companies, LLC made Zweig Group’s 2020 list of Hot Firms. Firms were ranked by a score comprised of both dollar and percentage revenue growth rates over a three-year period (2016-2019).

Continually ranked as a Hot Firm, Apex also ranks among ENR’s Top 30 All-Environmental Firms (#12 in 2020).

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HSE Consultancies Pivot to Tackle Coronavirus

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Much of the corporate communications in response to the latest COVID-19 outbreak is rightly centered on the gargantuan global health and economic challenges it poses. But some of the businesses operating in the environmental services space have the perfect opportunity to pivot towards helping the global response to the virus, using their valuable expertise to support clients and others through the challenges.

A number of consulting firms with strengths in disaster planning and preparedness; health, safety and environmental (HSE) services; and/or epidemiology and laboratory services; are well positioned to help mitigate and turn the tide on this pandemic. Already a number of businesses have stepped up their efforts in recent days/weeks.

In the US for example, Rockville, Maryland-headquartered engineering and environmental consultancy Apex Companies is making its industrial hygiene and safety professionals available for its clients. The firm is offering support for infectious disease outbreak planning; contamination protocol reviews; personal protective equipment consulting and process conformance evaluations.

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For Immediate Release: March 17, 2020

Apex has been closely monitoring the developments surrounding the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic. We are responding to this crisis on a nationwide basis, while ensuring the health and safety of our workers, clients, and the greater public.

As we continue the performance of services for our clients, we are closely monitoring federal, state, and local developments to ensure continuity of service is achieved in accordance with all federal and local directives. Our staff are trained and well-versed in CDC directives and guidelines and we maintain rigorous OSHA health and safety training and standards with our workforce and subcontractors. Across our offices and in the field, we have instituted additional practices regarding hygiene, potential COVID-19 exposure protocol, and responsible social distancing practices.

As your partner in health and safety, we understand that the impact to employees, businesses, communities, and the economy will be significant and that the coming weeks and months will remain uncertain. Through it all we are here to support you across your company and workforce.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we recognize that in times like this, we owe it to one another to rise above the turmoil and disorder and be civil, kind, and accountable to one another. We are committed to doing our part to assist you and our communities in any way possible.

Yours in health and safety,

signature Fabianski

David Fabianski
President & CEO
Apex Companies, LLC

The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) 2020 Board Elections are now open from February 14 to March 6. AIHA is a nonprofit organization with over 8,500 members that are dedicated to promoting and educating health and safety in the workplace. The Board Elections are open to all active members of AIHA. Members will be able to vote through a secure link that will be sent directly to the members’ email address. For additional questions regarding the election, please contact AIHA.

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2020 Nominees

Vice President Nominees

Donna Heidel, MS, CIH, FAIHA
National Practice Leader of Industrial Hygiene
Apex Companies, LLC

John Moore, MS, CIH, CSP
Control EHS

Secretary-Elect Nominees

Bradley S. King, PhD, MPH, CIH
CAPT U.S. Public Health Service Senior Industrial Hygienist
NIOSH Western States Division

Michael D. Larrañaga, PhD, PE, CIH, CSP, FAIHA
Managing Principal and President
Insight Risk, LLC (DBA R.E.M.)

Director Nominees

Kimberly Castillon, CIH
Region 1 Audit Program Manager

Bernard L. Fontaine, Jr., CIH, CSP, FAIHA
Managing Partner
The Windsor Consulting Group, Inc.

Maharshi Mehta, CIH, CSP
International Safety Systems, Inc.

Rick Newman, CIH
Health Informatics Lead/Sr. Industrial Hygienist, Corporate Health Services
Marathon Petroleum Company

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