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Department of Defense (DOD) properties including Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS) and portions of active installations are increasingly being transferred to the control of private entities for redevelopment and reuse. Prior to realignment or transfer, DOD typically commissions the preparation of a site wide environmental assessment report, commonly referred to as a Baseline of Environmental Conditions Assessment (BECA) or Environmental Baseline Survey (EBS).

The BECA will summarize:

The DC metro region formerly served as highly productive farmland, and much of the city's surrounding area remains agricultural. Even properties that have never been commercially developed (e.g., agricultural or vegetated lands) may have historical contamination of soil, surface water and groundwater from applications of pesticides and herbicides. Residual levels of these chemicals cause unintended negative environmental impacts, including soil and groundwater contamination. Given their stable chemical structure, these chemicals can remain in the environment for hundreds of years, and some of their break-down products are linked to a wide array of detrimental health and environmental impacts. 

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