airplane in flight

Our emergency response efforts helped Dulles Airport recover a Heparin release, saving over $1M, while our decontamination and disposal services mitigated risk and met regulatory requirements.


Airlines, aviation authorities, fixed-based operators, fuelers, and airport developers turn to us for our award-winning work. We deliver environmental excellence and responsiveness in an industry where efficiency, expediency, and safety matter most.

From managing multiple stakeholders and integrating environmental projects into broader initiatives to multi-year construction management support for full-scale airport redevelopment programs, Apex can help.

We serve remote General Aviation facilities as well as major international hubs with centers of excellence nationwide. And our services are as comprehensive as our coverage. We provide emergency response/contingency planning, fueling systems management, asbestos/mold inspections and abatement, waste management, stormwater and deicing management, air permitting and compliance, and due diligence services nationwide—all with little, if any, disruption to your operations.

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