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For over 15 years, New Bedford has turned to us for innovative port development solutions. In one project alone, we saved the client $49M. Once faced with closing, the port is now a cruise ship destination point.


Apex has an unparalleled record of helping our clients improve, restore, and maintain their waterways as well as positioning ports to become strategic hubs for offshore wind development and commercial/industrial revitalization. Our comprehensive services include harbor management planning and development, dredging and disposal, geophysics, surveying, port infrastructure and design, coastal engineering, characterization and remediation, environmental compliance, wetlands mitigation, stream bank restoration, and sediment management.

We’re recognized as an industry innovator who balances sound economics with responsible environmental policies. By partnering with our clients to ensure their operational goals are met, our projects are completed expeditiously and cost-effectively with the highest levels of client satisfaction.

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