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The Next Generation of Environmental
Information Management

MANAGE Assets and Field Activities
Track Sampling, Inspections, Maintenance and Repair Status
Meet Regulatory Compliance Requirements, and Business Sustainability Goals
Drive Significant Improvements to Risk Management and Operational Performance


Apex’s ARTEMIS℠ is the new generation of environmental information management. ARTEMIS is a customizable cloud-based information management system that is used to capture and manage information so our clients can achieve regulatory compliance, meet their business metrics, and drive the efficiencies that matter most to their bottom line.

The use of flexible mobile field data collection tools and centralized cloud-based information management systems are a great cost-effective solution for industries who want to be proactive with their environmental program. Using the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, ARTEMIS removes the need to invest in hardware, software, and specialized labor to implement an enterprise-wide system and provides digital data collection for real-time reporting with a short implementation period.

ARTEMIS can help companies move from reactive to proactive decision making, from backward-looking data to forward-looking insight—using predictive analysis to minimize risk and optimize operational performance.

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Artemis benefits graphic


  • Eliminates data entry redundancy
  • Accelerates field to office reporting
  • Enforces data integrity
  • Centralizes all aspects of our program/projects
  • Offers tailored reporting and exports
  • Offers statistical metrics on data collected
  • Customized interface or dashboard to meet specific needs
  • Predictive analysis to mitigate operational risk and improve business performance; KPIs

Features: What We Offer

  • Centralized Cloud Data

  • Document Library

  • Real-time Reporting

  • GIS Mapping

  • Mobile Forms

  • Metrics Dashboard

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