Apex developed a comprehensive Air Quality Analysis (AQA) and report of air pollutants in New Mexico for a leading refinery. The reports were approved by the New Mexico Air Quality Bureau immediately—saving our client significant time and resources.


Apex’s air quality staff has first-hand experience in traditional and advanced air quality analyses and studies, from emission control technology studies to ambient air sampling and analysis. We also have extensive experience in air dispersion modeling. Whether a client is siting a new facility, applying for any type of air permit, installing a new control technology, responding to a notice of violation, defending against litigation, or completing any other air emissions related task, Apex has the tools and expertise to perform a full range of air quality analyses and studies efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Siting Studies & Feasibility Analyses

Ambient Air Sampling & Monitoring Programs

Risk Management Plans

Meteorological Studies

Air Dispersion Modeling/Air Quality Analyses

Air Sampling, Contracting & Oversight

Best Available Control Technology Determinations (BACT)

Litigation Support

Air Emission Calculations

Notice of Violation Evaluation, Response & Resolution

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