drycleaner building

We helped our shopping center client address soil and groundwater contamination and gain site closure in a year and state VCP closure even sooner. By installing sub-slab depressurization systems, we mitigated the vapor risks resulting from former drycleaner PCE solvents.

residential development

Public outreach was key to voluntary indoor air sampling within a residential development at a former industrial site. Forty residents allowed us to evaluate their residences, implement sub-slab depressurization systems and ultimately improve air quality.


Our expertise with vapor intrusion extends far beyond risk evaluation and mitigation. With our extensive experience, knowledge of rapidly evolving regulations, focus on innovation, and a deep understanding of client objectives, Apex develops and implements vapor intrusion mitigation plans and systems that increase property value while decreasing risk. Apex provides vapor intrusion services on a national basis to commercial retail clients, commercial property owners, management companies, and REITs.

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Dry Cleaning Facilities

Industrial/Manufacturing Sites


Vapor Barriers


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