wastewater plant

Apex designed and installed a wastewater pretreatment facility that reduced biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), total suspended solids (TSS), and ammonia by approximately 75% to meet the POTW wastewater discharge limits.


Apex partners with the owners and managers of thousands of facilities across US to operate, preserve, monitor, and improve facility systems.

From a stormwater perspective, for example, we can help you mitigate flooding impacts while ensuring that your properly maintained storm facilities protect streams, lakes, wetlands, and groundwater. We can help you make sure that your storm facilities operate as they were designed to, clearing pollutants effectively, as you maintain compliance and reduce costs.

Ensuring efficiency can save you money. Apex’s team of wastewater experts provides ROI-yielding O&M services, designed to achieve maximum operational efficiency, while avoiding operational disruptions and production slowdown.

We're helping our clients, including some of the largest Fortune 50 companies, solve their O&M challenges every day. And we can help you too, from evaluating your unique, site-specific issues (such as TSS and BOD) to helping you quickly assess and address your equipment maintenance, process control, sampling, and reporting needs.

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