wastewater treatment plant

Designing and implementing an industrial wastewater treatment plant for our client increased daily flow by 300%, improved safety, and reduced operating costs.


Apex is adept at all aspects of wastewater treatment management from design and construction of industrial wastewater treatment facilities to comprehensive retrofit, repair, and operations and maintenance services. Our solutions focus on specific client needs. Unlike some firms, we are not locked into a set technology or approach. We identify the best technology and customize options to address individual client wastewater needs.

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Our wastewater services include:

  • Design and Installation of Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Treatability Studies for New Wastewater Streams
  • Closed Loop Wastewater Treatment System Evaluations for Zero Discharge
  • Water Audits for Water Usage Reduction Alternatives
  • Wastewater Audits for Reduction in Operating and Maintenance Costs
  • Compliance Assistance for Permitted Wastewater Discharges
  • Benchtop Testing for Optimization of Wastewater Treatment Chemical Dosing
  • Upgrade of Existing Monitoring and Telemetry Systems (pH, ORP, Flow)
  • Upgrade of Existing Control Systems (Manual Operation, Relay Logic, PLC)
  • Operation and Maintenance Services for Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Training for Wastewater Treatment System Operators
  • Calibration Services for pH and ORP Probes
  • Preparation of Operation and Maintenance Manuals for Existing Systems
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